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13 08, 2020

Do we really need better video compression? MPEG’s dead right?

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Be on the lookout on what is being said about MPEG. A LOT what is being said is inaccurate and wrong.  In fact there was no “MPEG fiasco” of sort. Some people have been talking about “MPEG collapsing”, “MPEG dead”, and whatever, but it is simply not true. Quite simply, the ISO did a reorg [...]

7 08, 2020

The M&E industry has changed and in many ways for the better

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Enough of  what is going to happen...what is happening is happening and will continue!  Fox announced no one back to the office until 2021.  Thinking - hoping - that's a realistic target even if we have a vaccine that works. Between now and then we will all have to adjust including how content is produced [...]

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