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  • Accelerated Strategic Corporate Development & Expansion
  • Accurate Technology Innovation, Vendor Sourcing and Partnerships
  • Thought Leadership, Market Avocation and Authority Creation
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  • Extensive Global Executive Network Engagement
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New IP enabled streaming media and television services are accelerating their connections with audiences around the world like ever before. Viewers are watching more content, on more platforms every day. Their expectations for nearly endless content choice anytime, anywhere, and on any screen are driving business and operational changes for all media companies. In order to innovate at the speed the market is demanding requires not only great ideas and products, but insight and flexibility in innovating as well as recognizing accurate media technologies, smart solutions and partnerships to accelerate all aspects of the ecosystem of content production and delivery in order to reach the right audience, at the right time, for the right screen.

That’s where PADEM comes in.

PADEM is a strategic, go-to-market, digital business growth and management consulting practice with particular focus addressing the streaming media development and technology categories in the Media & Entertainment and Education industries. PADEM values the importance of technologies, idea creation and people by bringing years of dedicated hands on experience and expertise on where new media business decisions, evolved technical integrations and investments are made. PADEM understands what it takes to capitalize on market needs, trends and opportunities to build accurate execution strategies and products that leverage new content creation, program modeling, team engagement and platform development to expand audience connections and grow success.

PADEM Media Group is a collaboration of accomplished and proven senior technology, creative and market management executives who are driven and on a mission to make a difference in the advancement of advance streaming video, enhanced distribution networks, overall digital transformation and specifically on the importance of audience engagement. This focus is accomplished through an established methodology, expert level analysis, market & team leadership, strategic acceleration and accurate partnership development and perhaps most of all market avocation and execution worldwide for over 25+ years.

We work with extraordinary companies, inventors, scientists, technologists, accomplished executives, individuals and high performing companies that range from innovative inventors and startups with disruptive ideas to multinational corporations looking for new paths and an accurate go-to-market edge in streaming media/OTT distribution, data/AI offerings and customer engagement worldwide.

Here’s what one of our clients recently had to say:

PADEM is led by founder Allan McLennan, who is one of the leading global advancement and market capitalization executives across the M&E/Streaming TV/video Modeling, OTT technology, analytics, pre/post production, operations, programming as well as restructuring and strategic M&A/investments.

PADEM has extensive, established executive relationships worldwide and additionally contributes on connected cities, volumetric production, data intelligence gained through connected devices, remote education as well as AI/ML autonomous vehicles.

Established in 2007, PADEM Media Group is based in SF/Silicon Valley USA and works with the world’s leading media technology corporations, broadcasters, carriers, data platforms, vMVPD’s – telecoms, media & IT companies (see clients) across cultures worldwide.

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The Window Is Now Open for More Entertainment and It Will Stay Open

The Window Is Now Open for More Entertainment and It Will Stay Open

The owners and Hollywood crowd gave a slight sigh of relief when ordinary people seemed to understand and get excited with Warner Bros./Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Enough people were desperate enough to get out to earn $100M plus/minus in the convoluted film’s first week (probably given a little boost by a masked C

September 3, 2021

By: Digital Display; Thefuture.TV

Entertainment Is A Serious Business

Entertainment Is A Serious Business

Worldwide demand for all streaming content services shows no sign of slowing, according to Allan McLennan, Global Media Tech Analyst & CEP/Media, Head of M&E North America, Atos. “SVOD subs will reach more than 500M this year and it is forecasted to be more than 1.170M by 2025,” he noted. He added tha

August 23, 2021

By: August 23/2021 - Display Daily, TheFuture.TV

McLennan Analyst of the Month – August 2021

McLennan Analyst of the Month – August 2021

August 16, 2021

By: Influencer Relations (University of Edinburgh)

There is No Single Path in the Streaming Video Industry

There is No Single Path in the Streaming Video Industry

You're right, Ruben. The world does keep moving, and it can be a damn cruel place.” – Joe, “Sound of Metal,” Amazon Studios, 2019   We're a little over halfway through 2021 and surprise, the content industry not only survived the pandemic but in many ways is thriving because of it. &nb

August 2, 2021

By: The Future TV

It is Time for Streamers to Quit Being Selfish

It is Time for Streamers to Quit Being Selfish

The key to a successful market research project is determining what results you want to achieve…conduct the project and BAM! you’ve got the results that your boss or client has been waiting to see, hear. Take the work done by Paramount + several months ago when they rolled out their service. First, they tou

June 23, 2021

By: The Future of TV

Getting the Best from Streaming Services

Getting the Best from Streaming Services

We played chess a little bit while in college. It was a way to feel like you were doing something constructive while skipping classes and if you were winning, you weren’t wasting time. And before you ask … no, we weren’t that great at it. In retrospect, it’s a little like streaming … you know what you w

April 29, 2021

By: Digital Media Net

Entertainment is Becoming a Serious Business

Entertainment is Becoming a Serious Business

Of course, then in October 2015 Reed Hastings went and raised the price to $10 then later … . But still, you didn’t have to tolerate those growing bundles of repetitive ads. “Overnight” people around the world were watching their content and studios/tech firms were thinking, “Hey that looks easy.” Bezos

March 29, 2021

By: MESA (Media & Entertainment Alliance)

The Pandemic Accelerated the Focus of Serving the Viewer

The Pandemic Accelerated the Focus of Serving the Viewer

Tenet painfully clawed itself to maybe $80M in ticket sales in the US and perhaps $400M globally while most major projects were slid into next year or worse, slipped into various D2C options. Studios and all but the most ardent theater goers said, “You know that I love you … I just don’t like you very much rig

March 29, 2021

By: TheFuture.TV & MESA

Only the Best Will Thrive on the Theater, Home Screen

Only the Best Will Thrive on the Theater, Home Screen

Despite the fact that movie theater attendance has been decreasing for the past 10 years, the new screens have increased. At the same time, there’s no indication that the industry will slow the opening of more theaters or that folks will return to the movie houses on a regular basis in large numbers. IMAX’s Aron

March 23, 2021

By: MESA (Media & Entertainment Solutions)

Content Piracy Is Not A Victimless Crime

Content Piracy Is Not A Victimless Crime

Without in-person sports attendance, online viewing has been off for football, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey … well, you get the point. It just didn’t have the same excitement. But when the word got out that unreleased episodes of the Netflix-ESPN The Last Dance highlighting the Michael Jordan era with t

February 22, 2021

By: The Future TV / UK throughout the EU