Appleholics validated via US State of the Union?

One of the most amazing things has been taking place for years and that is cultural and societal acceptance of an addiction. While we as a culture work to address real diseases in the form of alcoholism, drug dependency and for that matter child abuse, we seem to turn the other cheek when it comes [...]

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New definition of SMART TV – Liberty acquires Virgin Media

John Malone, Mike Fries and Balan Nair know what they’re doing! This acquisition will have a positive impact on overall distributed TV environment. With the success of the new Horizon boxes deployed in the Nederland’s, and shortly in Switzerland, and Virgin’s TIVO’s being embraced in their markets, this new powerhouse will play a strong roll [...]

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Netflix Rocks with “House of Cards” Launch…The 3M’s – Media Measurement Metrics will not be looked at in the same way ever again!

Netflix’s launch of their 13-segment series “House of Cards” has presented some great opportunities for them; 1) they do not having to rely on time-centric ratings, 2) they can capitalize on the viewing habits of its members; and 3) can spend less on marketing while generating higher viewership. A quote by CEO Reed Hastings and [...]

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Global Opportunities

The PADEM Groups Founder, Allan McLennan speaks extensively worldwide on the growth of Interactive Digital media, Media economics, IPTV, iTV, MobileTV, Mobile cross-platform, Video Distribution platforms, Media Psychology, new business models, iAdvertising,  McLennan contributes to company’s sales meetings or within the industry worldwide either as a moderator or panel participant.

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