The linchpin point in Media: Software Defined Network Management of Content Distribution: Amazon buys Elemental

Amazon today announced their acquisition of Elemental for a half a billion dollars. Besides making the executive team quite wealthy (along side their investor group), Amazon signals a pure play in getting in to the networks of the worlds carriers, operators and broadcasters (as a side note, it had been rumored that COMCAST was mulling [...]

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What do we need to do for newTV

The first and foremost aspect of an improved business model in the IP space is the size of viewer/user base, their engagement level and their having content available that meets their interest…consequently consuming it. The first and foremost aspect of an improved business model in the IP space is the size of viewer/user base, their [...]

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Random thoughts: VOD/OTT is changing fast into the new TV understanding the technology is key

Technology is driving shifts in the pay TV marketplace that are having a profound impact on consumer behavior and the dynamics of competition. For all carriers and MSOs albeit fixed or mobile, these changes require an entirely new approach to accessing and delivering content ie. VOD. These changes bring with it major new operational and [...]

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Comcast/TWC End Beneficial All-Around

While, as surmised several weeks ago, the odds of this deal falling apart had climbed above 50-50, but the speed of its collapse over the past week and a half took everyone by surprise. That’s because, until Justice and the FCC started leaking where they were heading on the deal, key participants were fighting, clinging [...]

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TV entertainment measurement market changed forever today

On a consistent basis over the last few years Nielsen’s been scoffed at for not staying current, stumbling along trying to slow their erosion and continue their dominance in television/video viewing measurement…without much luck. Keeping a target firmly positioned on them. Well, they just may have made a move to help stem this erosion and [...]

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Litmus test in the EU: Reality sets in for TV

I had a headsup yesterday regarding a shift that was about to take place in France with one of their TV networks. The French 24-hour news channel LCI is likely to close at the end of the year. This follows a controversial decision by the CSA not to allow it, along with Paris Première and [...]

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MWC: Mobile World Congress was HOT!

At this year’s Mobile World Congress’s Grand Show floor in Barcelona was very grand. In fact, NAB, IBC, CES will be hard pressed to hold a candle to how outstanding the booths were at this show. All the trinkets, er a phones and mobile devices easily rival all the gadgets at CES and the advances [...]

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Is LTE Broadcast finally the offering we’ve been looking for?

If LTE broadcasting proves right, we may be about ready to see a big shift in mobile video viewing efficiencies, creating what we might want to call the new “mob((ile)” based video excitement? LTE broadcasting broadcasts a single stream, yes a single stream, allowing an unlimited number of enabled users in IP broadcast areas to [...]

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Aereo TV: Why it’s important

First off, Aereo TV is truly an innovative service. They have figured out how to bring local television to an internet crowd that really doesn’t want to be connected up to a cable or satellite line. Not to say that this is entirely a good thing, it’s just another option and isn’t that what we [...]

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The Future of TV Advertising

This past month while in London I had the opportunity to attend a very compelling summit based entirely on the what if’s of the advertising industry, and the ‘real’ of reality in new business models. FutureTV Advertising discussed numerous issues and opportunities, but where it all netted out was even with all the tremendous technology [...]

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