The M&E industry has changed and in many ways for the better

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The M&E industry has changed and in many ways for the better

Enough of  what is going to happen…what is happening is happening and will continue!  Fox announced no one back to the office until 2021.  Thinking – hoping – that’s a realistic target even if we have a vaccine that works.

Between now and then we will all have to adjust including how content is produced and consumed – this will take place and new processes are in the works – Remote editing is working brilliantly, companies such as EditShare and Blackbird are growing and supporting the category globally.

Cinemas are going to have a painful lot until then and probably until mid year, but there are a lot of productions in the works.

Events will have to improve virtually – hard to believe Tokyo’s film festival will be live in October.

There will be a lot of reshuffling in the OTT arena (ViacomCBS seems to be moving in the right direction globally – especially in the Nordics)

And we’re seeing an adjustment to three tier delivery – pay, subscription and free.  Would like to see studios more open to working on cross-platform deals with multiple outlets having the content and reducing the number of services people are exposed to.

Solid, intelligent implementation of AI to help in content/show selection/viewing will help find what they want.

Tentpoles as cinema and $30-$40 PVOD makes sense for now and then waiting 30-45 days before offering them on SVOD for 3-6 months then off for 3-6 before going AVOD is starting to make a little bit of sense.

But there will need to be a new model for going out to the movies.

The studios and cinema owners are going to have to come to an agreement – prices will certainly rise due to limited seating, and that seating is going to have to evolve too – recliners, adult beverages and at least snacks will become the norm (many small theaters will probably close).

All of this will change the economics of the movie house attendee. Teenager first dates at the movies may be a thing of the past at least for the middle-class.

Yes, things aren’t going to change. They’ve changed!

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