Building a new audience…is there opportunity?

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Building a new audience…is there opportunity?

Change is taking place in every corner of the M&E industry.

Suddenly, we have an embarrassment of riches – content, channels, screens, audience – and no one is certain how to make money off it, let alone manage the size of audiences and issues being created.

Most of the current participants in the are sure the direction they’re taking is the right one. Why not, there’s so much opportunity, even missteps can whether a little while. But what are the numbers:

  • 8 billion Devices World Wide are video-capable of streaming video
  • 2 billion people have Internet Access
  • TV households will reach 1.68 billion worldwide by 2021
  • SVOD households will rise to 383 million worldwide by 2021
  • 75 percent of people stream content several times a week
  • 40 percent of the terrestrial TV ratings drop is attributed to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu
  • By 2019 80 percent of worldwide Internet traffic will be video
  • TV and OTT (over the top) are becoming synonymous
  • Consumers can identify shows, not networks
  • A more segmented, personalized TV and video landscape is emerging

New entrants to the industry are coming out of the woodwork.  Consolidation is taking place around the globe.

In fact, the demand for entertainment content and having access is accelerating, accounting for a growing volume of IP traffic.  Cisco estimates that this year, 75 plus percent of the traffic will be streaming video and that’s on top of the appointment TV viewing”

No matter how content is distributed/consumed today is rapidly migrating to IP distribution and this ease of engagement is rapidly becoming known simply as TV.

In order to survive (producers, service/infrastructure providers) must wake up and move to either provide or certainly participate in an end-to-end solution that will seamlessly provide appointment TV and IP-delivered OTT into an experience that meets each consumer’s expectation.

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