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Value, Quality & Choice – TV’s new landscape

Today the TV industry received a wake up call. Peter Kafka and Walt Mossberg interviewed Eric Huggers from Intel at All Things D’s DIVE into Media summit.

Hugger’s placed in front of the two a compelling strategy and view in how Intel’s moving out to reshape the industry. Now, for those of use that have been immersed in this space for a few years, we have heard new ideas over and over again, and seen bodies littered along side the highway due to attempts to try and break the hold of the existing television distribution models, ie cable and satellite.

But today’s a different day and the interest from the consumer to have what they want, when they want it and watch television on whatever device they’d like is now. Intel has a very strong and logical view on how that’s going to play out, and if I could let you know outside of the confidentialities that I hold and respect, have a shot of challenging the status quo. The bottom line is…after today the creators of devices and networks will have to take Intel into consideration. If not them specifically, then others who will mirror them with slight twists.

Tomorrow morning the sun will be rising on a new landscape.

More on this in the coming days, weeks.

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